RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2017 App Reviews

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Must Have

This app is very user friendly and really gives you an edge with your fantasy football draft. I've used this app the last two seasons with great success and no prep work at all except for entering my leagues score settings. Last season my teams finished first and second. This season I won the championship in both of my leagues, bringing home the $$! I highly recommend this app!

Easy app, poor content

I have been playing for 20 years. Decided to use this app for two leagues. Result: Two worst starts ever.

Don't want to

I almost want to give a bad review here so as to keep my secret safe! Been using this 3 or 4 years now. Would not use any other app. Tremendous help!!


I don't use the app much during the season but it is an excellent tool for draft day. I use it every year.

2 years and counting!

I've used the Roto draft app to draft 3 leagues for 2 years. Last season I won 2 and came in 2nd in 1. I love the ability to customize each draft to my leagues scoring. It is easy to use in draft and flip between views of rankings/depth charts etc. the fact that it is so up to date with player info is AWSOME. The only thing that I would like to see is it be a start em sit em app and info resource through the season. Even if they raised the price a few bucks. You get to use it for your drafts then it's worthless after that. This would make it really stand out from the rest and the roto team already has the content from their other pay sites etc. But as just a draft app it is he Best for sure.


Use this app every year.... couldn't thank you guys enough. Great job with allowing us to personally rank our players too. Perfect app

Great app

Works great


Great app, really helped me at my draft




Great app for live drafts. Highly recommend.


Able to manage and track my live auction league with relative ease. Flexible easy to use app.

Worst kit

App is confusing. You cannot change STD scoring to PPR scoring. It's very confusing app by itself. Not worth even 5$

Great App

The app is great and user friendly!

Continues to excel

Each year the draft kit gets better and better. The rankings and cheat sheets coupled with player updates and articles make the app a one-stop shop for your leagues.

Hm sept 2nd and they still have zeek #3 ovr

So apparently they dont keep up to date rankings even after updating twice. Instant buyers remorse. Everythings really big, drafted players dont disappear they just get a checkmark by them so its going to be a ton of hapless scrolling. This is 5 minutes since buying :/


Awesome app!

Best $5 you can spend

The app does what it needs to do. You have everything in front of you on your phone. Paperless, easy way to keep track of your league during your drafts. I'm in 3 leagues and I wish I would've known about this before I finished 2 of the drafts. Put your scoring settings in and it ranks the players accordingly. The magazines are pointless and outdated now.

Easy to use, great info on each player

Awesome app! Very easy to use, and a great source of timely information and knowledgeable insight on each player. Easily configured to match the rules of your league, and player rankings are adjusted accordingly. I used the app for the past 2 years and finished in the top 3 both times. Highly recommend!


Love the app, but why is it still ranking Zek #3 overall???

Best App by far

This app allowed me to win my league easily last year. Their rankings are much better than any other site. Such a no brainer purchase this year. Recommend to everyone.

Best FANTASY APP period!!!

Last year decided to show up to my draft without doing any research and just downloading this app. It was the best decision I ever made. I went on to a 15-1 season won my division got $100 back made it to the championship game where my opponent begged me to take $600-$400 split than risk him only getting $300 with $700-$300 split in the championship game. I will surely be downloading this app every year it's amazing.


I'm torn, because as a quick to use cheat sheet, the app is perfect. Beyond that, though, it is a poorly designed app. Not user friendly. On my iPhone, mock drafting wasn't working, and I was unable to set up tiered rankings, even though the option was clearly there. Does a disservice to the great rotowire team, who I listen to daily.


I've used this app for 3-4 years now. Best 5$ spent for sure. Won my work league last year!!!!

Love it

Up to date info!! I used it last year & this year. Blows away the magazines that have been on newsstands since June!

Great App

Thanks for making a simple straight forward app that works year after year. Don't make major changes in the future. Just keep is simple. Like the rest of us in the FF world.

Everything you need in one place

I use Rotowire Draft App every year. It has all the information I need in one place. The ability to customize the league settings, including Keepers, is just what I require. I also like having the latest news at my fingertips.


I use this every year! Works great and super easy to use!

App review

Really easy to use and makes your draft night not as stressful and a lot more fun!!!


Not as advertised. Immediately regretted buying the app. Unfortunately they will not give me back my money.

Great for leagues with a lot of trading

This app is great for drafts in all leagues, but it is invaluable for drafts in leagues with a lot of trading. After years of searching, this is the only app I have found that can accurately and easily track the trading of draft picks during a draft.


Amazing and helpful. Giving me some assistance and clarity in helping align my draft thought process

Very helpful

Informative analysis and useful tools

Won first year

A lot of people questioned some of my picks using rotowire last year. Several of those "odd" picks turned out doing really well and I won my first year using rotowire. I was really close in previous years, but this helped a lot. The only improvement I would recommend is a quicker way to compare bye weeks between my selected players during the draft.


My first time trying one of these draft kits. I love how organized everything is. Very easy to use. Depending on how well I do at my draft tomorrow, I'll be using this app next year. 🙃

Best Draft Ever

Couldn't have been a better draft

Those rankings though

Questionable at best. I'm just warning you.



Solid product

Well thought out app with excellent support.

So far so good

1/4 drafts done and i am pleased with the results of the ranking system and how it ranked the players during the draft per the pt system my league uses. Mock drafts are great and pretty spot on. The value drafting ranks I found are best.

Must have

This is the only review I've ever written, this app is that good. Very user friendly, must have for any fantasy draft

Awesome App

This is the best fantasy football draft app that I have ever used. Up to date and accurate player information put together in a very user friendly format.


Great App very informative..

Not Updated Enough

Zeke is still ranked 3rd overall even though he is suspended multiple games. News is behind as well. Not useful app


This app is amazing! Completely customizable to fit any league and very user friendly!

Great App

For the price and what you get, it is outstanding! Daily updates, easy to use, mock drafts. I have been using it for several years. I have tried others but keep coming back.

Very helpful app. Pulls scoring together for different leagues

Thank you for doing this.

Not good

Probably the worst app for fantasy football. Hard to manage everything. The mock draft is just stupid on here. I like being able to tier players and it's easy to make a cheat sheet but using it to get ready for my real draft is a upsetting. Wish I could get my money back.

Too many issues with updating players

It seems like when it says it needs an update that half the time is says there is an error with the update and it can't preform it.

Love this app

this app is so helpful. Because of it I have won almost all of my leagues. So easy to understand and and keeps up very well.

Pretty clunky.

I downloaded 3 draft apps and this is the worst. Doesn't return to player list after picks while doing a mock. When set to value based draft it gos overboard and and makes WR worthless with my leagues settings. Been in this league 5 years and I know better. The football guys app which was free is way better. No confidence in rotowires advice and I'll pretty much avoid them.

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